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R&D Centre

Adhering to the core philosophy of "technology drives value", Menon acts as a pioneer in the construction of the R&D center and is committed to building the center with the most powerful technology strength and competitiveness in the feed additive industry. 

Our expertise

A large number of senior animal nutrition experts, biology specialists, chemists, feed formulators, product engineers and professional flavour experts gather here. Menon sets up animal nutrition science center for swine, poultry, ruminant and aquatic, feed flavor research center, technology & engineer lab, test center, information and intellectual property management center.

Combining industry, teaching and research, Menon cooperates with Sichuan Agricultural University, Southwestern University, the Third Military Medical University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Poultry Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yangzhou University, Shanghai Institute of Technology, South China Agricultural University, and other universities and institutes to jointly build labs, post-doctoral work stations and animal testing bases. These cooperation projects involve animal physiology, nutrition mechanism, product development, professional technology, talent training and other fields.


Bringing ideas to life

Menonpursuits product development on basic research, solution on product development, and customer service on solution.

Adhereing to the R&D philosophy of “different products for different species during different stages” based on animal physiology, nutrition science, breeding status and feed industry needs, Menonpursuits product development on basic research, solution on product development, and customer service on solution to create value for customers through products, services and systematic solutions.

whole-process technology

Menon takes the lead in proposing the R&D philosophy of “whole-process technology”, which guides the R&D. Firstly, during the “whole process of nutrition”, Menon products plays an important role in ingestion, digestion and absorption respectively. Secondly, during the “whole process of growth”, Menon carries out the targeted R&D of products for animals at different stages, and solves practical problems in production. Thirdly, during the “whole process of service”, Menon respectively realizes the purposes to create value, find value, realize value, show value and deliver value from basic research, present research, product development, to system solutions formation and technology.

market demand and technological frontier

Menon’s R&D is based on market demand and technological frontier. The background of product research comes from breeding practices, feed enterprises’ concerns, animal biochemistry research, as well as the latest nutrition theories. With these basic researches, Menon clarifies “the necessity to design the products”; with the comparative study of previous methods, Menon develops "the technology to make more advanced products"; with formula design, technology innovation, raw material management, fine production and quality control, Menon fulfills the research of the product. Afterwards, the animal test must be carried out to verify product performance. Menon conducts interactive R&D together with customers to form the specified nutritional and systematic solutions for customers.

Professional R&D Team 

With more than 40 product engineers coming from Sichuan Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Southwest University, Yangzhou University, Jiangnan University, etc, over 80% of the team members owns master degree or above. 

Committee of  experts

Menon sets up a committee, gathering a large number of senior animal nutrition experts, biology scientists, chemists, feed formulators. They are leaders of related academic fields and technical directors of feed enterprises. 

Committee director is responsible for the overall guidance of the construction and management of technical center, the planning of technical R&D and technical talent, the specific guidance and assessment of R&D projects. The committee members are responsible for formulating the R&D projects, guiding the specific cooperation, taking part in the technical seminars, and assisting the Company to train research talents.


Advanced Production Facilities

Menon has modern production plants which introduces advanced production equipments from domestic and international leading companies. All the key parameters, including temperature, input speed, and the conversion of atomizer for the production lines, are automatically-controlled. Therefore, the facility is highly automatic, environmental, healthy, safe and efficient.


Systematic Quality Management

Menon has a modern testing center equipped with Agilent GC-MS, HPLC, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, and other advanced testing instruments. Menon ensures product quality and safety with precise detection analysis and standard operating procedures. What’s more, Menon ensures the quality on facts, controls the process on data, assesses and analyzes on results, and makes continuous improvement.


Perfect Test System

Menon establishes a perfect test system to guarantee that product should undergo the complete test before selling. The Company has advanced test equipments and instruments mainly to conduct the content, effect and stability analysis; meanwhile, it has several animal farms which play an important role in product effect validation, customized program verification and personnel training. 

Changzhou Menon Test Base

Located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Changzhou Menon covers an area of about 150,000 square meters. It is designed according to the principles of environmental protection, efficiency and science. It is divided into living area, office area, pig production area and manure treatment area. The total investment of fixed asset is more than 70 million yuan. At present, there are 1200 sows and 25,000 slaughter pigs per year.


Taicang Test Base

Located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, Zhenxing Pig Farm is the second test base of Shanghai Menon. It has 800 sows and 16,000 slaughter pigs every year. The production level of the farm is close to the domestic average, and the verification results are more representative.


Haian Test Base

Hai'an Test Base is located in Hai'an County, Nantong City, with 500 sows.


Poultry test base

Poultry Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(PI-CAAS) was founded in 1959 as a non-profit and public research institution. It is the earliest national poultry research institute in China. In 2012, Shanghai Menon started to cooperate with PI-CAAS which is a mileston of a new collaboration between institution with enterprise to conduct product development, effectiveness verification and application research.


Ruminant test base

Shanghai Holstein Co., Ltd.

A standard production and management demonstration with more than 7,000 heads dairy cows.


Aquatic test base

Sichuan Agricultural University Dayi Base: 180 advanced water environment automatic control base.

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