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Congratulations on the successful IPO of A shares of Shanghai Menon!

On June 17th morning, Shanghai Menon Animal Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM (Stock Abbreviation: Menon; Stock Code: 301156). The issue price was RMB 23.48 per share, and the number of shares issued was 20 million, raising total funds of RMB 363 million. The opening price of today was RMB 38 per share, compared with issued price RMB 23.48 per share increased 61.84%. Successfully listed on GEM was a landmark of Menon development history. It is a symbol of Menon develop has stepped into a new stage. By raising funds through this public issue, Menon will further expand production and management scale; complete marketing system construction, upgrade technology research and service ability. According to that, further upgrade Menon core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.

Vice Mayor of Jiading District, Shanghai Mr. Li Feng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Jiading Industrial Zone Mr. Li Chao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhongtai Securities Company Limited, Mr. Li Feng, and Ms. Ji Zhiyao, Sponsor Representative of Zhongtai Securities Company Limited, attended the listing ceremony.

Mr. Li Feng

Mr. Li Chao

Mr. Li Feng

Ms. Ji Zhiyao

At the IPO ceremony of Menon, chairman and general manager of Menon Group Mr. Hongwei delivered a speech: “Today, Menon officially listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is a great day, united the efforts of all Menon people, domestic and overseas customers’ trust and support, the help of suppliers, the entrust of investor friends, and the concern of all leaders. On behalf of Menon I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to all leaders and friends over the years to support the development of the company!”

Mr. Hongwei

Menon was established in 1997, always adheres to the core management theory of “Technology Creates Value, Innovation-Driven Development” has established a R&D team with doctoral and master’s degrees as its core members, built an efficient R&D system, and has strong independent R&D capabilities. The products of feed additives and enzymatic digestion of plant proteins mainly covers in pigs, ruminants, poultry and aquatic animals. Menon and its filiales have won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Province, and the honorary title of “Specialized and New” Small and Medium Enterprises in Shanghai.

The products of Menon have gained wide recognition of domestic and overseas customers. Our customers are located in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across China. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Oceania.

The animal husbandry industry of China is an important part of agriculture, it has gradually grown from backyard to industry and one of important part of rural revitalization strategy. With the transformation from traditional way to a modern-‘efficient, resource-saving, environmentally friendly, green and safe’ way. Through continuous innovation, Menon is committed to providing customers with “efficient, green and safe” product and service. It plays an important role in strengthening the nutritional value of basic feed, improving effective the utilization of resources, solving the “human-animal food competition”, enhancing livestock production and breeding performance, protecting animal’s health and food security, achieving the eco-friendly.

“We still need to work hard to achieve greater victories”. Menon listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GME successfully is a milestone of develop journey also a new starting point for development. Menon treasures this hard-won opportunity and is deeply responsible for it. Inspired by the vision of “Becoming the global-leading animal nutrition technology company”, all Menon people have been working hard to achieve the following goals. Never forgets the initial mission of “Better for animals, Better for humans”, adheres to the core values of “honesty and sincerity, customer oriented, learning and innovation, outcome oriented, and win-win cooperation” and the operation tenet of “service customers, benefit employees, return shareholders, and contribute society”.

In accordance with the requirements of a listed company, the company will continue to improve its corporate governance and internal control, form a scientific and effective decision-making and restraint mechanism. Constantly improve the construction of product development, production management, quality control and marketing services systems, achieve efficient management and operation, and comprehensively improve the management level of the company. The company will reward investors and the community with “complete corporate governance structure, steady operation strategies, good financial indicators, lucrative profits, outstanding industry position and sustained growth!” May Menon flourish and prosper, with a long-lasting share price!

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