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Warmly celebrating the grand opening of Suzhou Menon.

Autumn is a cool and harvest season. The land of China is filled with the joy of harvest. At the same time, Menon is celebrating a momentous occasion. On October 3rd was the 25th anniversary of Menon establishment, and the opening ceremony of Suzhou Menon was also celebrated on this day, which is a double joy. More than 100 leaders, employees and family members from Shanghai and Suzhou Menon gathered in Suzhou Menon to witness the milestone moment of Suzhou Menon opening celebration and to celebrate another take-off of Menon!

A wonderful lion dance performance kicked off the celebration with the lion full of enthusiasm and congratulating on the grand opening. Amidst the lively atmosphere, Mr. Zhang Jihai, Marketing Director of Shanghai Menon, declared the opening ceremony of Suzhou Menon officially started!

The activity began with a solemn flag-raising ceremony. All stood at attention, saluted, the majestic national anthem was played, the red flag was raised. Every Menon people were focused, and every Menon face was full of pride and joy. The bright five-star red flag and the Menon flag were waving in the wind, and the national flag was fluttering and the factory flag was curling. Our flag was flying high.

The Chairman of Menon Group Mr. Hong Wei delivered a speech, he mentioned in his speech: Menon adheres to the mission of “Better for animals, Better for humans”, adhere to the operation tenet of “Technology Creates Value, Innovation-Driven Development”. In the mission and vision driven, Menon has built a new R&D center and production base in Suzhou. The success establishment of Suzhou Menon is the landmark in the journey of Menon’s development. It will highly support the strategy of “different products for different species in different stages”, and help the company to achieve its “double planning” as soon as possible. We hope that Suzhou Menon, taking today as the starting point, continue to maintain the spirit of hard work. Shifting the focus of its work, turn the constructing company into the operating company, set up a management system, create an excellent team, lean management and safe production.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board of Menon Mr. Lv congratulated Suzhou Menon and express his heartful gratitude to the Suzhou Menon’s constructers, relative people and their contribution. Meanwhile, we expect all the staff of Suzhou Menon to fully utilize the production resources, adheres to the core value of “customer oriented”, producing the high-quality products to meet the needs of customers; cooperate with Shanghai Menon, to meet the needs of customers for related products, so as to create the future of Menon together!

Mrs. Wang introduced with excitement and proud, Suzhou Menon coved 20,000 square meters, it has 7 separated production lines. Mainly engaged in the research, development, large-scale production of ruminant products and acidifiers. Suzhou Menon meets various regulations, environmental protection, waste treatment discharge, safe production and the requirement to save energy and reduce consumption; heading to the automation, digitization and intelligentize,with intelligent warehouses, automatic labelling stations, fully automatic packaging lines, robotic feeding stations, intelligent control centers, etc.

The administration team of Suzhou Menon took the collective oath on stage. And their vows were inspiring and exciting; they also made us feel more confident about the development of Suzhou Menon.

After the guests’ speeches, the ceremony of eye-dotting the lion was held. Mr. Lv Xuezong, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Menon JSC, and Ms. Wang Jihong, General Manager of Suzhou Menon dotted the eyes of the lion, signifying a prosperous opening and business.

At the end of the ceremony, six distinguished guests were invited to cut the ribbon for the open ceremony of Suzhou Menon. Applause and cannons were fired as the guests cut the red satin with scissors in hand. The falling red satin symbolized congratulations, and wish Suzhou Menon a prosperous and prosperous opening.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the guidance of the staff, every Menon people hung adoption tags on the trees they adopted, and each small adoption tag was a deep blessing to Suzhou Menon. Then people entered and visited the office building, laboratory and production workshop orderly. The well-equipped and advanced laboratory, the simple and orderly office building and the fully intelligent modern factory ... Astonishing!

At this moment, the opening ceremony of Suzhou Menon was successfully concluded. We still need to work hard to achieve greater victories. A new starting point, a new journey, a new leap. Suzhou Menon will take advantage of the resources of Menon AG, cooperate with Shanghai Menon and Chengdu Mytech, committed to provide high-quality products and services to more countries and regions in the world, and to “become the global-leading animal nutrition technology company”.


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