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“Journey: Staring a vision together and starting over”, the 25th anniversary of Menon was held.

From 1997 to 2022, it took 25 years from start-up to success without wasting. Menon started with renting a warehouse, up to now, Menon has 3 major production base and more than 300 passionate workers. In 2021, Menon net turnover income has more than 500 million yuan; in 2022 Menon listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In the same year Suzhou Menon was officially completed and put into production.

For life, 25 years old is in one’s prime; for Menon, 25 years is an important coming-of-age ceremony, it’s the key point to sail on the road to the next 100 years of glory. “Journey: start shared vision, start again”, Menon 25th anniversary ceremony was grand held on November 11th.

Representatives of partners such as Zhongtai Securities, Tianyuan Law Firm, Hefeng Group, Anyou Group, Collaway Group, Jiahui Group, Sichuan Animal Science, Chengdu Kefei Group, Shanghai Yi Xing Performance Workshop, Vietnam Menon, Chongqing Thrive, and more than 400 workers from Shanghai Menon, Suzhou Menon, Chengdu Mytech were gathered together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Menon. Looking back years we have spends together and look forward to a brighter future.

Chapter 1: Memories the glory past

At the beginning of the ceremony, we watched the feature film “Forging ahead Menon” together. Every image in the video is a footprint of growth, recording the perseverance and hard work of generations, recording the extraordinary 25 years of Menon’s establishment, and witnessing the journey of Menon to the world.

We also received congratulations from Vietnam, Russia, Korea, Japan, Jordan, Brazil, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other overseas cooperators. Bringing their good will and bless to Menon. Although there are many epidemic factors affect the international market, it has not stopped continuous increase of Menon’s international business. This is the result of Menon’s nonstop hard working. In the future, the Menon flag will planted in more countries and regions in the world.

General Manager Hong Wei

In his speech, General Manager Hong mentioned that 25-year entrepreneurial journey is overcoming difficulties and victory over oneself. In the past 10 years, Menon adheres to do well 3 things: set the direction, lay the solid foundation and sprint IPO. Looking back 25 years Menon entrepreneurial journey, it is the goal-oriented, resource-supporting, management-following and culture strengthen. That enable Menon to forge ahead, promote Menon sustainable and healthy development, towards to the “World Menon” firmly.

General Manager Hong emphasized “Menon was created by all Menon people”, it is because of a group like-minded Menon people that Menon come to today. Menon people are an important force driving the growth of Menon. At the site of ceremony, the excellent staff were grandly praised, hats off to the Menon hard workers!

Outstanding contributors

Menon’s market expansion in depend on every fighting marketing personnel. They have persistent faith, highly motivated and they are determined to win. Because they long-term stick on the front line, that Menon has been able to expand its domestic and international market. Let's all pay tribute to the Menon people on the marketing battlefield!

We have fighting marketing personnel in front of us to expand the field, and R&D experts behind to protect us with technology driving value. They can concentrate on studies intently, they can gallop across the market field. Let’s all pay tribute to the Menon people with craftmanship, devoted in research and deep into the market.

A model of love and dedication to work

In addition to the marketing and R&D warriors, they deeply engaged in various posts, and dedicate to the development of Menon silently. They turn difficulties into motivation, handle the problems positively; they are passionate to the work, wherever they needed; they lead by examples and lead the team to tide over current difficulties. Let’s all pay tribute to the dedication of Menon people.

Outstanding Contribution Team

Except the excellent personnels, in the development of Menon has emerged a great team, one person can go fast, one group can go far.

Menon Listing Group

Suzhou Menon Construction Group

Mytech Product Research and Development Center

Chengdu Mytech Marketing Department 1

Shanghai Menon Human Resources Department

Chapter 2 A long to develop ambitious

Standing at a new beginning, Menon never forgets its original aspiration, adhere to the mission of “Better for animals, Better for humans”. The Menon brand image video was grand lunched in the celebration.

Where is the direction of Menon future development? How to create the core competitiveness constantly? General Manager Hong give the clear answer in his keynote report: Start share vision, Star again. Menon always adheres to the mission of “Better for animals, Better for humans” and committed to becoming the global-leading animal nutrition technology company. Menon always adheres to the customer value of “Product leadership, Value service, and Partner growth”. Innovation-Driven Development, insist our value and wining by surprise, follow the strategy of “different products for different species in different stages”; adheres to the market strategy of “Deepen in domestic market, Break the international market”.

Positively carry out the projects to enhance management effectiveness and management specific to IPO; set up organization structure of human resources to match strategic target. Adheres to the “confidence in the path, confidence in the theory, confidence in the system, and confidence in the culture” to create a brighter future together.

New beginning, new journey. Mr. Hong mapping the future blueprint and develop strategy of Menon for us. Meanwhile, the strategic partner representatives, filiale general manager, and representatives of shareholders of Menon spoke one by one.

Mr. Chen Feng from Jiahui Group

General manager Chen of Jiahui Group mentioned in his speech, it is based on the “unity of vision, unity of action, unity of purpose”, Jiahui has been cooperating with Menon for 6 years since 2016. We participate exhibiting and regional conference, carry out technical service and R&D solution together. We associated with Shanghai Jingmu Group set up the alliance platform “Meijiajing” has been a great success, has brought the products of Menon into thousands of families.

In the future, we will continue to work closely together to make the Meijiajing alliance platform bigger and stronger, and continue to adhere to the value proposition of “product leadership, value service and partner growth” to help Menon become the global-leading animal nutrition technology company.

Mr. Zhou Anping from Viet Nam Menon

Vietnam Menon general manager Chow delivered a speech to extend warm congratulation on 25th anniversary of Menon. As a cooperator of Menon, we firmly believed that with the launch of Suzhou Menon and the continuous introduction of Menon’s R&D, process and other personnel, we have a great future in the Southeast Asian market.

Mr. Xiong Ying, General Manager of Chengdu Mytech

Mr. Xiong use the words of the poet Libai of Tang Dynasty, “The path from which I came is covered with greenery” and poet Liushenxu “The road is completed by the white clouds, and the spring is long with the green stream” as a mediator poetically tell a story of the encounter and acquaintance between Chengdu Mytech and Shanghai Menon. People were touched deeply and convinced them by Mr. Xiong’s brilliant expression of emotions.

Ms. Wang Jihong, General Manager of Suzhou Menon

Mrs. Wang mentioned in her speech, the mission of Menon and vision has guided Menon staff. Suzhou Menon has laid a solid hardware foundation, and we believed that in the future, it will become a strong production base, R&D center, and high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province.

Mr. Tang Qi, Representative of Quanyu Shareholders

In his speech, Mr. Tang said Menon is a platform of “co-creation, co-construction, and co-share”. Driven by high aim, the pursuit of result orientation, and mastery process, tools and method we are bound to achieve the better results and greater victories. Become the benchmark and model in the market, and wishing Menon prosperity.

Mr. Yao Peiming, a retired employee of Menon

Mr. Yao Peiming on behalf of the retired Menon people paid tribute to Mr. Hong and struggling Menon teams. He offered a song on the spot to wish Menon the dream and the Chinese dream.

After the ceremonial meeting, there was a wonderful ceremonial party. Except the delicious food and wine, there are wonderful performance and abundant raffles. We felt passionate power in poetry recitation, fight spirit in singing, and we felt love in dancing and in round and round raffles.

At new beginning, let’s embark on a journey of glory for Menon and start afresh with a common vision!

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