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Ninth (2019) China Egg Industry Development Conference

Seminar of the healthy production of laying hens: Shanghai Menon attending “Ninth (2019) China Egg Industry Development Conference” was a complete success

On June 19-21, 2019, the 9th (2019) China Egg Industry Development Conference was held in Beijing. The theme of this conference was “Heavy Safety, Veterinary Drug Reduction, Consumption and Control of Production Capacity”. The Animal Husbandry Association Poultry Industry Branch and the National Laying Hen Industry Technology System with Shanghai Menon jointly hosted industry leaders, famous experts and well-known entrepreneurs to discuss in-depth macroeconomic policies, total control, structural adjustment, variety selection, healthy breeding, disease prevention, production technology, business management, food safety, egg standards and other hotspots. Difficult topic.

Ms. Huang Liping, Director of Shanghai Menon Poultry Nutrition Centre, shared the special report on Nutrition Managementin Healthy Production of Layers.

Shanghai Menon proposed “Health Program for Enhancing Poultry Production Benefits”at different stages of poultry. In addition to key aspects such as quality control, nutrition, management, bio-safety, and disease prevention, The feed additives are used to prevent and treat diseases and reduce disease occurrence to protect poultry health and increase production efficiency.

Shanghai Menon takes "technology creates value" as its core business philosophy, focuses on poultry farming site issues and proposes solutions to provide customers with the most valuable products to help customers improve production efficiency.



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