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Shenfu Farm welcomes the Brazilian Agricultural Group

A group of 40 Brazilian farmers organized by the Bayer Group came to Changshu Shenfu Farm to visit and exchange knowledge and experience.

The agriculture of Brazil is historically one of the principal bases of Brazil's economy. While its initial focus was on sugarcane, Brazil eventually became the world's largest exporter of coffee, soybeans, beef, and crop-based ethanol. Brazil has 388 million hectares of high-quality and high-yield farmland and 220 million hectares of pasture. In 2004, the output value of agriculture and animal husbandry was 180.2 billion US dollars, accounting for 33% of the GDP; the rural labor force was 17.7 million, accounting for 37% of the total employment in the country; the export value of agricultural products was 39 billion US dollars, accounting for 40% of the total export volume. It is regarded as the locomotive that drives the Brazilian economy.

This Brazilian agricultural group is made up of the largest farms and cooperatives in Brazil.

Shenfu Farm is one of the experimental farm of Shanghai Menon and Jiangsu Jiahui. It has 2000 cows and has an average yield of 12 tons in 2018. August is really the hottest time in Shanghai. In this high temperature and high humidity environment, cows suffer the heat stress seriously. Shenfu Farm uses a tunnel mixed ventilation system, adjusts the nutrition program and supplies feed additives such as rumen bypass glucose to alleviate the heat stress of the cows, so that the lactating cows remain healthy and high yield in summer.

This year, Shenfu Farm hosted several groups of dairy farmers from Spain, Russia, Iran, Brazil and other countries. There is no borders between dairy farmers. The management and nutrition technology of Shenfu Farm has been praised by international friends!

As an animal nutrition technology company, Shanghai Menon and Jiangsu Jiahui have received more than 20 groups of customers from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Iran, Russia, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Ireland and other countries this year. According Menon vision “to be the global leading corporation in animal nutrition technologies”, Menon is bringing products to the world!

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