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SPACE 2019 France International Livestock Exhibition


Shanghai Menon"deeply cultivatesthe domestic market, actively expandsthe international market",implements the internationalstrategy of "going out and inviting in",and enhance cooperation with international customers. Up to now, the international business of Menonhas spread to 25 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

SPACE 2019 International LivestockExhibition in France isheld in Rennes Exhibition Center from September 10 to September 13. It is a professional exhibition with international influence and this year isthe 33rd session.There are 1450 exhibitors and 26 Chinese exhibitors in this exhibition. The number of professional visitors exceeds 108,000, including 14,000 internationalvisitors.

At SPACE 2019, Menonsolemnly introduced new technologies, new products and new schemes of feed additives for ruminants. The key recommended products include Slow-release Nitrogen-Menogen, Rumen bypass Methionine-Menomet and Rumen-protected Glucose-Menoglu.

Menon’s products attracted wide attention from exhibitors, a lot of direct customers and distributors came to exchange ideals. We have conducted in-depth discussions with purchasing personnel and technical experts from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bangladesh, Tunisia and other countries, and reached a series of cooperation intentions.

Menon adheres to the core business philosophy of "technology creats value", implements the product strategy of "sub-product sub-product, whole-process nutrition", and supports product development, product development, problem solving and customer service through basic research. Through participating in the world's leading livestock exhibition, we have gained customers, broadened our horizons and inspired our thoughts. We are keeping on the right way and forging ahead.

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